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Weber 22.5 OTG


I purchased the OTG in 2013 after my old gasser bit the dust. This was my first time ever playing with charcoal, and I was hooked. I firmly believe that the Weber Kettle is the best all-around grill anyone can buy, and you can have it for under $200! You can sear steaks at 500° and you can cook low and slow at 225° for 8+ hours and hardly have to lift the lid! Go get one now!

Weber Platinum Performer

This is the grill that I probably put to use more often than any of the others. The added convenience of the side table, added with the luxury of a propane starter make charcoal cooking all that easier. I’ve also outfitted this grill with Cast Iron Crates from Craycort. The sectioned quadrants make adding charcoal a snap, plus these babies are built to last the test of time.

Weber Smokey Joe Gold

Smokey Joe

Okay, I’ll admit, this was an impulse purchase. It was half price, how can you blame me?!? But seriously, I’d been wanting one of these for a while. I use it as a charcoal chimney holder when I’m adding some lit charcoal to another cooker, and (as you can see in the pic) it’s perfect for when I only want to cook up a couple of steaks. I figure the money I’ll eventually save on charcoal will pay for this bad boy.

Weber Q 3200

Q 3200

People love their Weber Q’s and now I know why! With a baby on the way, I knew a gasser was going to be in the cards. I needed something for those weekday nights when I come home from work and need to quickly grill up some burgers, chicken breast, etc. The Q 3200 handles that and more. It is relatively cheap, has solid components that are built to last, and the light in the handle is a nice touch.

Pit Barrel Cooker


When I purchased my Weber OTG, I knew right away I was going to want a “big boy” smoker. After some research it was down to the Weber 18.5” WSM and the Pit Barrel Cooker (PBC). I liked the “set it and forget it” simplicity of the PBC and bit the bullet. The PBC has no dampers to open or close, so you just light your fire, hang your meat on the hooks provided and you’re done! I would recommend the PBC for anyone who is new to charcoal.

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