Rebuilding Weber Grills – Guest Post by David Somerville

Today’s post was written by David Somerville of and Quality Grill Parts. Like myself, David has a love for all things Weber, and he has a passion for finding and restoring old grills to their former glory.

It is not uncommon to find old Weber gas grills being put out with the trash or being sold on Craigslist for next to nothing. For me it is always very tempting to go grab these beauties, fix them up and give them a new home. That is how I ended up with this awesome Weber Genesis Gold C!

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If you are in the mood to take on a Weber grill rebuild then here are a few things to check out on the prospective grill.

Some of the parts that routinely need replacing on old Weber grills are the burner tubes, Flavorizer bars, ignition system and grill grates. These parts are readily available for almost every Weber grill model.

Even if you have to replace all of these components you can typically do the repairs for under $150. Considering that a new Weber Genesis will run you around $800 this is a bargain!

Replacing these common components is also extremely easy. The hardest part of any of these repairs is loosening the screws that hold the burner tubes in place inside the firebox.

Since the screws the hold in the burner tubes have been exposed to high heat and dripping grease, etc there is usually a fair amount of corrosion that you will need to fight through.

Once you get the screws loose you can replace all of the components listed above in less than 10 minutes.

In addition to the burner tubes, Flavorizer bars, ignition system and grill grates there are three other components you should take a serious look at before you spend any money on parts. Depending upon the condition of these components you may want to decide to take a pass on a particular grill.

The Support Frame: If you are looking at a classic Weber like a Genesis 1-5 or 1000-5000 then there is a significant chance that the frame that holds the grill is starting to rust and wobble.

Sometimes the frame can be reinforced with some metal braces or creative woodworking. You will have a very hard time finding original parts to fix a frame this old.

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A weak frame is a safety issue that should not be ignored. The last thing you need is for your grill to collapse in the middle of a grilling session.

The Slider Rails: There is a set of slider rails that connect the grease collection system to the firebox. Replacement slider rails are easy to find and only cost a few bucks.

The problem is that the slider rails on Weber grills corrode starting at the point where they are screwed into the firebox. Getting these screws out to replace the slider rails is a major pain. Typically the screws have corroded into the firebox so bad that you have to take the heads off with a grinder then drill them out.

Always check the slider rails to see what type of project you are really getting.

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The Burner Controls: Don’t worry if the burner knobs are grey, cracked and ugly. If ugly knobs bother you then replacements are easy to find and cheap.

What you do need to check is whether or not all of the burner knobs turn freely. It is not uncommon on older gas grills for the burner controls to completely seize up.

While it is usually possible to get the controls to turn again using patience, a pair of channel locks and Liquid Wrench sometimes it will be a lost cause and an entire gas manifold will need to be ordered. If a new manifold is available it has the potential to increase project costs by around $100.

Don’t be afraid to take on a Weber grill restoration project. If the frame is solid, the slider rails stable and the burner controls turn free then you will have an easy and inexpensive project. If you don’t mind a little challenge and have the tools then the harder issues can also be fixed.

It turns out that one of the trickier aspects of rebuilding a Weber gas grill is finding the correct replacement parts. Even though Weber grill parts are readily available it is easy to get confused as to which parts to buy.

There are over 15 different versions of the Weber Genesis that have been produced over the past 20 years and the parts between these grills are not interchangeable. When you throw in the all the different versions of the Weber Spirit and Weber Summit it can give a person brain lock when they try to find the right Weber grill parts for their particular grill.

To help people get these Weber grills rebuilt I created the most comprehensive and user friendly directory of Weber grill parts on the Internet. This resource, is designed to get you to the exact part you need for your grill in three clicks or less.

If you need Weber grill parts then you can save yourself a lot of time by checking out the site. If I do not have the part you need you can use the contact form on the site to drop me a line. I am always ready and willing to help a fellow griller track down a missing part.

I hope you found this post on rebuilding Weber grills to be useful! If you have then it would be great if you would share it with your buddies.

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3 Responses to Rebuilding Weber Grills – Guest Post by David Somerville

  1. John Stacy says:

    I was replacing the tray rails, the screws came out but took part of the area holding the screws with it. These came off easy – can I superglue the new rails/screws to the body? Any other thoughts??

  2. T C says:

    Any Idea of where to buy frame parts that have rusted out..

  3. Joe Aprile says:

    Good info. Over the past two years I have picked up three older Weber grills. The first I bought a new regulator and it works great. I love it-best grill ever. I picked up the next two and am going to start the rebuilding project this winter. I am hoping to have two great restored grills by the summer(maybe three with one turned into a charcoal/smoker). thanks for the info and I will use you for my reference.


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